EP.49 Sooo, Hungry!!

TallGuy & Producer are back this week. The episode starts with BigHead & Producer raid of TallGuy’s olive stash and then they delve into a California student whom baked cookies, with a special ingredient. It’ll surprise you what the ingredient was. They talk entertainment, from Beverly Hills 90210, to Law & Order, to Jerry Orbach, to Anthony Anderson. They talk about Space Jam2 & LeBron James and the original Space Jam. The Hosts & Producer keep talking about food, throughout of the episode. They also mention Doug Ford’s & the PC Government’s decision to cancel 3 University/College Campuses. They also discuss Uber vs. GO Train trip from Toronto to Barrie, listen to find out the prices. The Hosts have a new science experiment, BigHead getting hit by baseballs & paint balls to see which one hurts the most.

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