EP.43 I Speak In A Tone!!

BigHead starts the show with how his dog, Maximus listens due to the tone of his voice. He tries it on Producer, it didn’t work!!LOL!! BigHead talks about uberpool and how he enjoyed it. It prompts the Hosts to think of hosting the show from an UberPool. In the middle of the conversation, BigHead’s partner calls him. The show is got a rule, that if anyone gets a call and the phone ain’t on silent, they must answer the phone on speaker and BigHead was hesitant!! A must listen. Also on the show they talk about the idea of shorter work weeks. They discuss the backlash Elon Musk got for taking a toke from a joint while on The Joe Rogan Experience. BigHead tells a story of when they were younger. Gotta listen to this one! TallGuy asks BigHead what was the most stupid thing he’s done in his life. Listen to his reply! BigHead undermines himself, and find out how!

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