EP.37 Professionalism

BigHead gives his reason for missing last weeks show. TallGuy thinks BigHead is got a man crush on Tom Hanks. The hosts discuss Osuna’s trade to the Houston Astros and the Domestic Violence. As well as other MLB news. They talk about Qatar 2022 and who’s gonna celebrate their teams outside in the winter. Alexa answer’s a question and misses another one. Also on the show they talk about a woman who raped a man with a machete and La Producer pulls a machete on TallGuy, figuratively speaking! They have a discussion on the issue and TallGuy up Double Standards in relation to it. La Producer and BigHead run out of “refreshments” and cause chaos and interruptions in the process. TallGuy is exasperated! The topic on 3D guns is discussed on the show. BigHead decides to eat candy, yes special candy!!

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