EP.33 You Got Zig Zags?

This week they have guests on the show, Sibel “Sibbs”, Cindy “Giggles” Rodriguez, They talk weed, being horny & Yoga. TallGuy’s emoji looks like a douchebag on Snapchat according to Sibbs!! WTF? Giggles has had a fractured foot for 2 years. How is that even possible? Damn!! TallGuy offers Sibbs water crackers and she finds it offensive! LOL. They also talk superstitions & unlucky numbers. The Ladies have the munchies & Giggles finally got her joint rolled!! They have a trivia segment, Canadian Trivia that is. Sibbs wants a bathroom break during the show, because TallGuy is making her laugh too much!! They talk about Avicii passing away at the age of 28. TallGuy talks about a moment in his life, when he was 27, that he thought he was gonna die after consuming something. Sibbs keeps tapping the table with the mic just to piss TallGuy off!! You’re mean!! LOL. They also talk about rear naked chokeholds, donkey punches & Kama Sutra. What an episode!! Sibbs finds out Producer reads books, soft covers, hard covers, wait a minute are we really talking about books or sexual connotations? M&M’s? Molly’s? Are we talking candy? They talk about hotboxes, supers!!Oh Wow what an entertaining episode to say the least!! TallGuy mentions about dropping the kids at the pool in reference to a bathroom term and Producer thinks it relates to a racist term. is it really though? Have a listen and let us know what the listeners think and send us your feedback.

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