EP.25 What’s His Name Again?

In this week’s episode TallGuy & BigHead discuss Champion’s League results, as well as the NBA All Star weekend and MLB talking about allowing teams trailing in the 9th inning to throw anyone they want up to the plate. In the process of discussing Baseball, they forget one of the current Faces of Baseball! They’re both suppose to know sports, how could they forget the name of this player? Also on the show they talk about a pot belly pig pet in B.C. that was killed and then they posted online of themselves seasoning the meat? He wasn’t meant for consumption, he was a pet pig. The owners said they didn’t know how to care for him so they killed him! Really? Also the owner was on a list of not being allowed to adopt to begin with! The conversation leads to the guys discussing past experiences as kids of when they had to witness killing of pigs back in Portugal. Perhaps TallGuy & BigHead have been traumatized by these experiences as children. The results are in from TallGuy’s Ancestry.ca DNA tests and you’ll be surprised as he was from the results. Plus TallGuy botches the end of the show! OH OH!!

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