EP.24 Here We Go Again!!

This week TallGuy & BigHead discuss Champions League round of 16 and Europa League as well. They also talk about Patrick Brown deciding to run for the PC Leadership before the Friday 5PM deadline after being kicked out of the PC Caucus earlier in the day. Also on the show they talk about Canada doing a pilot project with the Netherlands in rolling out a new security app that will allow people to enter the country quicker, as well they revisit the banking at the bank and doing it digitally from your phone or a laptop and the real reason why BigHead likes to really go to the bank!!!Really, who enjoys going to the bank? They also mention about Ontario’s new standard lease, that could crack down on the “wild west” rental agreements. Also unfortunately, they once again talk about another tragedy, the mass shooting that occurred in Parkland, Florida. And at the end of the show BigHead, Producer and his significant other decide to talk during TallGuy’s plug of the show of where to listen and follow, including during Quote of The Day!! What is haaappeninnnnng??

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