EP.23 Talk, Talk, Talk!!

In this week’s episode, TallGuy starts off by stating he’s had a bad week including a severe ankle sprain. To add insult to injury, and literally, insult to injury, BigHead gloats about beating TallGuy in the Super Bowl bet they had. The Producer is back, after quitting last week and TallGuy reinstates his contract with payments in the form of vodka. HAHA!! The guys thank one of their avid listeners out in the U.K. for his support and feedback, BigHead might even have a man crush on him. They discuss the NBA trade deadline with the Cavs, making the most noise, with a team reset while in 3rd place in the East and TallGuy claims the Raptors will be in the NBA Finals!! That’s right you heard it here first!! They also talk about the Olympics, BigHead getting his name on the TFC wall of honor at BMO Field, Trump wanting a HUUUGGGEE military parade, the stock markets wild rollercoaster week, including its biggest single day drop in history on Monday, Feb. 05, Elon Musk sending his cherry red Tesla into space, an least but not least the TDSB in Toronto supplying High Schools with Naloxone kits. Be sure to listen as the guys talk about an array of issues and opinions.

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