EP.22 In My Honest Opinion!!

In this week’s episode TallGuy & BigHead decide to start a fan wall in appreciation to their listeners. The topics of this week’s episode were Toronto Cops ingested pot while on duty which the guys agree that they should be dismissed, The Cleveland Indians removing Chief Wahoo Logo in which the guys opinions vary, the changing of “in all thy sons command” to “in all of us command” of the Canadian Anthem, to which TallGuy is fine with the change and BigHead and The Producer aren’t really for it. In the episode which the guys also discuss the issues of racism and women’s equality and people’s sensitivity, The Producer poses a question to TallGuy, to which he answers. The Producer not pleased asks the question two more times, to which TallGuy answers it the same manner in his honest opinion. The show gets heated, tempers flare and the guys get loud, Producer even quits the show. It’s intense with real passion, emotions and opinions, its a must listen!

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