Our Approach

We're two guys from The 6ix that have worked in the construction industries for years but have outgoing personalities and are capable of maintaining an audience when it comes to entertaining. As we start to shift into the podcast world we will bring our communicative skills from dealing with customers in the construction industry and apply it to our episodes.

Our Story

We're blue collared Podcasters and understand the needs of our listeners. We are passionate about entertaining and maintaining people around us happy and satisfied. We know it won't be easy, but we are both fully dedicated to pleasing our listeners, our followers and our fans.

Meet the Team

Together this team will entertain you, educate you, make you laugh and at times maybe even anger you with their views and opinions, but they're dedicated at keeping you wanting more of the knowledge they've acquired.

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Jorge "TallGuy" Barbosa

Founder & CEO & Podcaster

He was born in South America, he also resided in Europe for a few years and has called Canada home for the past 29 years. He's also fluent in three languages.



Nelson "BigHead" Cunha


He's a soccer coach and has his professional coaching license. He's also a landscaper.



Next Steps...

For personal appearances you can request with the Book Appointment button.